Why do Black Women Hate on White Women?

Get Out has been the topic of recent conversation. I stumbled upon Buzzfeed’s article about 22 hidden secrets in the film and while watching the movie I came to my own conclusions as a Black woman. One scene that stuck out to me was when Chris accused Georgina of removing his cell phone from the charger, assuming Georgina was the culprit because she was mad that he was with Rose (a White woman). He says, “maybe she doesn’t like that I’m with you, it’s a thing.” Oh really, Chris? Black women spite Black men because we don’t like you being with Rose…interesting.

But something a little more relevant was the topic of conversation in the “Black community” on social media.

Today I woke up to Baller Alert’s post featuring Maserati Rick’s answer to Trail’s question, “Why do black athletes marry white women?” I usually roll my eyes and laugh at another Black brother fallen victim to the sunken place and never take offense, but I had time today, so here’s my two cents (still didn’t take offense though).

  • First off, I applaud Lynden Antonio Trail for asking the question. I got the sense he was a Black brother who appreciates Black women and was curious as to why athletes like himself marry White women.

Here was Maserati Rick’s response with my commentary of course:Picture1

  • The answer is simple brother…” – Is it really that simple Rick?
  • …most of the sisters were raised in broken homes…” – So are most of the “brothers” raised in broken homes as well? Could this be a reason why you, not all Black men, choose to be with a White woman?
  • proper guidance on how to treat a man” – Enlighten me, what are the proper guidelines that I should adhere to on how to treat MY man?
  • a white woman knows her position and accepts her role as a woman and let her man lead.” – So race, not individual characteristics of a certain relationship, determines if the woman “knows her position and accepts her role”?
  • Black women believes it’s 50/50” – What is wrong with a relationship being 50/50? Is it not 50/50 when you’re bringing home the bacon and she’s cooking it?
  • you have to be uneducated to ever think such a thing” – So anyone who thinks a relationship is 50/50 is uneducated? How many of ya’ll believe a relationship needs to be 50/50 to be successful? I think everyone should do their part.

Here, my brother “Maserati Rick”, is where you went wrong: (actually you started off wrong but any who)

  • Black women are stubborn, close minded, and always want to be the boss” – Do you know all the Black women in the world? How are Black women closed-minded? (serious question) Would you have an issue with Black women wanting to be the boss if it didn’t challenge your masculinity?
    • I am a Black woman but I am also educated, also an Aquarius, also an empathetic person. All these characteristics, and more, need to be factored into the equation, not just my race, because I could want to be the boss according to my horoscope. Not saying I want to be the boss, just respected.
  • men don’t like that s**t, especially if you’re successful” – What makes you successful? Everyone has their own idea of what success is, you should’ve just said “especially if you’re rich”. You feel since you have the money, you have the power and you need to control things. I will agree with you that money is extremely powerful and money is also the only reason that White woman looked at you (I don’t know this for sure). Who was checking for you before the money?

Now I’m not going to analyze the rest of his argument because quite frankly he lost me.

Why don’t we hear White men bashing their women, Asians, Latino/as, Africans?

I couldn’t care less who you choose to love, I love, love!!!!!!

I also find that most Black men who are with non-Black women feel the need to defend their love for their non-Black woman by deflecting the issue on US, assuming “we’re mad we didn’t get chosen”. Your response should be “I love Sarah (sorry I had to) because she takes care of home, makes me laugh, pleases me, always maintains her appearance, takes commands from me…” NOT “I love White women because Black women, are stubborn, closed-minded, loud, rude, bossy, wear weave, wishes she was Sarah…” You see the difference? (Nah, my brother, you wish you were Adam and that’s why you won’t date me. I remind you of everything you don’t want to be.)

And that, my brothers, might be the main issue “us Black women” have when you defend YOUR CHOICE to be with anyone you want.

It’s not because we’re mad or jealous it’s because you cannot simply express your love for your non-Black woman without expressing your hatred of us.


A closed-minded, stubborn, bossy, Black woman.


5 thoughts on “Why do Black Women Hate on White Women?

  1. I love the article, if you ask me people should be asking the question, why do white women hate on black women? or why do white women WHO date black men hate on black women? In my personal opinion the majority of black women don’t hate on white women most of them are like ‘yeah whatever’ ig they see a white woman dating a black man, but when it’s the other way around, for instance if a black woman dates a sought after white man, suddenly you see just how hateful and jealous white women are of black women. I should know. I’m a black man who was raised by a white woman lol.

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